Our Celebration Van Vilas is a dual functioning abode consisting; TV and Library, a customary fusion where you can chill, relax, andread. The place is an amalgamation of contemporary elements coupled with a traditional touch. It’s a befitting setting for a diverse range of tourists with a varied range of taste and luxury.

The serene ambiance boasts ting emerald walls that reflect pale when soaked in sunlight. The wall‘s traditional adornments, wooden almirahs, works of handicraft, royal bulb holders, mud roof tiles, low wooden sofas and chairs with books on the table looking out of veranda praise the paranomic pictureof the inner Vila.

Pristine neighbourhood and soothing atmosphere vow the exclusivity of Greetoe Celebration Van Vilas. Here, guests can spend leisure time with many indoor activities, for one instance reading from the general library; everything amidst nature; the forest, where you can also enjoy our warm hospitality, home-grown food, and adventure of safari with our wildlife experts.

Come be one with nature, Visit Greetoe Celebration Van Vilas Bandhavgarh.