At the heart of Greetoe Resorts is trekking, safari experience, exploring the good side of wild animals, relishing flora and fauna of the vicinity and a soothing stay coupled with delicious food. We make this possible for our invaluable guests, every time with the use of local staff and locally grown food.

Our way of working is to merge both, local staff experience and the priceless knowledge they possess about the area; to be your ultimate guide while on safari, or be at your service at our resort while your stay with us, and create a memorable experience for you.

This, also supports the natural way of life in the surroundings of the locals who are part of our resort by providing economic sustainability to build a better future of the local communities.

We use locally grown food to benefit consumers and the one who grows it locally.  This food contains full natural flavors unlike far-way grown food. Further, the locally grown food is packed with more nutrients; this is due to its less transit time from farms to the consumers’ plate.

Locally grown food, also adds value to the local economy, all the transactions are made circulate locally, the money fluctuates between local farm keepers and growers which in turn helps businesses and services to grow in local communities. It also brings a great aid to the environment; locally grown food help preserve open spaces around the vicinity.

At Greetoe Resorts we value the use of local staff and locally grown food like we value our esteemed customers. Come, visit us, to experience the nature.

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