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Exclusive Stay in the Wilderness

The Celebration Van Vilas, Kanha is your wilderness home located by the banks of Banjar River in Kanha- Abode of the Bengal Tiger. The resort uses architecture and aesthetics to create a raw and earthy holiday experience for visitors. With a host of different types of rooms Celebration Van Vilas has something for every kind of taste. With activities such as tribal dances, nature walks, volleyball courts, Burma rope and safaris, we assure you there will never be a full moment.


Kanha has been a bastion for the tribal of India. A stronghold of the Gond dynasty, Kanha still maintains that aura of free wilderness in its heart. The region has ways been known for tribes that lived a life symbiotically with the nature and animals around them. Visit Site.

Bask in serenity and relishing the beauty of nature is basic at Greetoes Celebration Van Vilas Kanha. It is an eloquent property for a mesmerizing stay. This place reverberates a customary culture of royal hospitality and the fresh spirit of the wilderness. Our sophisticated and luxurious amenities draw tourists and nature lovers alike.

Greetoes Celebration Van Vila has a TV and Library, where you can chill, spend relaxing moments, or indulge yourself in words for long hours. The place is a fusion of contemporary elements and traditional touch, making it the perfect setting for a wide range of tourists with a diverse appetite for nature and luxury. Further, the room amenities consist of Cottages and spacious air-conditioned suites for guests. The cottage comes with a private garden and seating area.

Interior of Greetoes Celebration Van Vilas boasts and serene ambiance with emerald walls that reflects pale when sunlight kisses them.  Traditional adornments on walls include works of handicrafts, wooden almirahs, royal bulb holders, low wooden sofas, mud roof tiles, chairs, and a table with books on them enjoying the panoramic view of the inner Villa.

Pristine neighborhood and soothing atmosphere vow the exclusivity of Greetoes Celebration Van Vilas. Here, guests can spend leisure time with many indoor activities, for instance reading from the general library; everything amidst nature; the forest, where you can also enjoy our warm hospitality, home-grown food, and adventure of safari with our wildlife experts. We pledge your stays with us will outdo all hotel in Panna.

Greetoes Celebration Van Vilas nestles within Bandhavgarh National Park. An ode to wildlife resort in Bandhavgarh; our property sits in the heart of the Renowned National Park, it offers a splendid rocky mountain backdrop, and the geo location of the resort glitters like stars in the clear sky.  

At Greetoes, we bring you to witness the soothing rhythm of the passing day, revive the soul worn-out by the mundane chores, and evoke the feeling of belonging to nature with Jungle Safari in Kanha. Content every morning, take an early morning Kanha jungle safari or opt for an evening safari booking Kanha. We shall take care of the rest. On your journey shall accompany you a licensed driver and experienced guide. They are packed with local knowledge and jungle protocol and ensure that every do’s and don’ts are followed in the safari Kanha national parkBringing you closer to locals and indigenous life, the driver and the forest guide also ensure the sight of the royal king of the jungle. Applying various methods like trailing the tiger footprints, paying attention to the jungle alarm call shared by a variety of folks whenever the tiger is seen, and commonly communicating with guides and drivers spread across the park on safari in Kanha; all this to get you a spectacle of the tiger. Your return from Greetoes Celebration Van Vilas will change you; you will be taking home memories of wildlife for eternity.

The property draws tourists for extravagance and luxury.  Take pleasure in the warm hospitality, which comes with an indoor play area, internet, conference hall, travel desk, guides, and naturalists.

We take pride in being among the best resorts in Madhya Pradesh. Come be one with nature, Visit Greetoes Celebration Van Vilas Bandhavgarh.

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