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Nestled among rivers, farms, hills and forests, Greetoe Camp, Panna is a forest hideaway located in the pristine Tiger -land of Panna. Panna forest reserve is a fragile, yet dynamic deciduous forest home to tigers, crocodiles, deer and hundreds of species of birds. In 2007, it was given the Excellence Award for the best maintained reserve in India.

Greetoe Camp, Panna is located right next to Ken river, which is the heartthrob of the Panna Tiger Reserve. Greetoe Camp is the perfect destination for anyone who likes to immerse in nature and experience wildlife from close quarters. The accommodation at Greetoe Camp is a fine balance between luxurious living and raw nature. A stay at the luxury tents and wildlife lodges at Greetoe Camp will transport you to a time untouched the clutters of the modern world.

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