About us


Rustic Experiences & Refined Luxury

Greetoe Resorts began in 2014 with humble beginnings and a passion for hospitality and wildlife. Our passion for wildlife hospitality has been our core driving force since our inception.

Our clientele of nature-loving souls and naturalists have always found great support from our team of staff, locals, nature guides, teachers and naturalists.

We invite you to a stay filled with wholesome experiences and unforgettable memories all facilitated by us!

Our Culture

Local Staff

Our quality originates from our team, over 100% of who are from the close by villages. Numerous young people have developed with us to become managers, inspiring a unit of fellow villagers. We consistently direct trainings to improve their skills and for limit building. The villagers are the genuine bastions of these forests and we as a whole have joined for a sustainable tomorrow. To moderate our wild spaces it’s significant that the locals be a piece of the developing tourism industry and are not distanced.


The incompetency of the concrete jungles to give fresh air, save time for sunsets, home beauty and the brute similarly have given an approach to what we call ‘extravagance of the wilderness’. Greenest views, freshest oxygen, calmest environment, humble hospitality and a devoted naturalist is the sort of extravagance that we offer at our first class resorts.

Promote Local Art & Craft

The interiors at all of our lodges are inspired and procured locally. Machines can’t replace the ability that has evolved over generations. These splendid entrepreneurs move to different methods of work because of the withering enthusiasm of individuals in the home-grown novel. The neighbourhood craftsmen get business and their specialty arrives at our lodges and numerous other art works from our souvenir shops.

Reduce Plastic

We work to replace plastic with environmentally healthy alternatives. We are rapidly going to eco friendly alternatives of providing filtered water consistently instead of going for simple packaged water bottles. Beginning this season we have begun offering stainless steel bottles, which can be topped off whenever from the refueling station. A onetime use and throwaway plastic bottle takes around 450 years to totally degrade!

Nature Guides & Naturalists

Each hotel has skilled local guides who possess reliable knowledge and are prepared by modern conservationists during our yearly Naturalist preparing programs. They are well prepared to grandstand nation’s natural heritage with satisfaction, pride & detailed data. Preservation begins with a straightforward thought of sharing the significance of wild habitats and seeding the thought in our visitors so that they also can be ambassadors of our wildlife and natural heritage.


We energetically decide on locally grown and sourced food. In addition to the fact that it is fresher, it bolsters marginal farmers and local markets. At our lodges we have organic vegetable and herbs garden for fresh supplies. Our menus are designed around local ingredients giving exotic foods a miss. Our menus additionally incorporate regional recipes. We attempt to limit utilization of packaged and instant prepare food items.