Greetoe Wildlife Van Vilas Resort – Bandhavgarh

Location: Village Kuchwahi, Tala Gate, Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh 484661

Greetoe, your one-stop destination wildlife resort in Bandhavgarh is located in the middle of nature. With the mesmerizing ambiance and the soothing warmth, the property echoes traditional culture with royal touch to enhance your stay. Our sophisticated and luxurious amenities drag tourists and nature lovers like honeycomb attracts bears.

At Greetoe resort Bandhavgarh, relax in our Celebration Van Vilas Kanha. The Van Vila has a garden.  The rooms are loaded with a TV and library for long hours of leisure. Immerse in words in chairs in rooms built and adorned with contemporary elements and a traditional dab.

Interiors are designed indigenously; their walls are washed in emerald and when it is bathed in sunlight it reflects pale. Traditional embellishment consists of almirah made of wood, pieces of handicraft, wooden sofas, royal bulb holders, chairs, and books. The property facility has a restaurant, here; you can devour homegrown food, delicious meals, and a buffet. This place smote a varied scale of tourists and is explored by nature enthusiasts alike. We are one of the best resort in Bandhavgarh.

Greetoe Celebration Van Vilas rooms pack air conditioning and a private bathroom. Private parking space is free at the property; additionally, we feature a paid airport shuttle service, for you.

At the heart of Bandhavgarh MP Tourism resort lays Greetoe. A picturesque rocky mountain background, green pastures, and the burbling Ken River in the Bandhavgarh national park envelopes the property. You can take a stroll and snap at the gorgeous landscape. You can opt for varied excursions with our guides, the Pandav falls is one of the best places to explore. The roiling water shares forest songs. Many travelers are drawn to this epic juncture in Bandhavgarh. There is a sense of mysticism around this place. Tales have been dripping down from one generation to another that the Pandavas spent some portion of their exile here.

At Greetoe, we provide an opportunity to explore wildlife with a luxurious stay and traditional hospitality. You can take full advantage to explore wildlife.  For bird watchers, the bank of river Ken is no less than a haven. Or if you wish to explore in-depth, you can book a boat safari to observe migratory birds. The river is an attraction for wildlife; the tigers gather at banks for a sip of water and bath, here, you can spot tigers easily.

Watching wildlife action on TV is one thing, witnessing it live in their natural habitat causes a lifelong bond with species. At Greetoe, with jungle safari in Kanha, you can embark on a journey in the wilderness of Bandhavgarh tiger reserve. Our expert guide and licensed drivers are packed with indigenous knowledge and jungle protocol, they make sure every do’s and don’ts are in line. They trail tiger footprints, they pay attention to the alerts given by other jungle creatures, and they will apply different methods to get the whereabouts of the tiger.

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Resorts in Madhya pradesh
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At Greetoe, we bring you to witness the soothing rhythm of the passing day, revive the soul worn-out by the mundane chores, and evoke the feeling of belonging to nature with Jungle Safari in Kanha. Content every morning, take an early morning Kanha jungle safari, or opt for an evening safari booking KanhaWe shall take care of the rest. On your journey shall accompany you a licensed driver and experienced guide. Their local knowledge is incredible; they will make sure that all etiquettes of the safari kanha national park are executed to perfection.

 Bringing you closer to locals and indigenous life, the driver and the forest guide also make sure the sight of the royal king of the jungle. Using a host of unique methods such as following the tiger footprint, diligently taking action on alarms sent by a host of folks when the tiger is sighted, and communicating with guides and drivers spread across the park on safari in Kanhaall this to get you a spectacle of the tiger.

Pristine neighborhood and soothing atmosphere vow the exclusivity of Greetoe Celebration Van Vilas. Here, guests can spend leisure time with many indoor activities, for instance reading from the general library; everything amidst nature; the forest, where you can also enjoy our warm hospitality, home-grown food, and adventure of safari with our wildlife experts. We pledge your stays with us will outdo all hotel in Panna.

Greetoes Celebration Van Vila has a TV and Library, where you can chill, spend relaxing moments, or indulge yourself in words for long hours. The place is a fusion of contemporary elements and traditional touch, making it the perfect setting for a wide range of tourists with a diverse appetite for nature and luxury. Further, the room amenities consist of Cottages and spacious air-conditioned suites for guests. The cottage comes with a private garden and seating area.

Greetoe Celebration Van Vilas nestles within Bandhavgarh National Park. An ode to wild life resort in Bandhavgarh; our property sits in the heart of the Renowned National Park, it offers a splendid rocky mountain backdrop, and the geolocation of the resort glitters like stars in the clear sky.  

The property draws tourists for extravagance and luxury.  Take pleasure in the warm hospitality, which comes with an indoor play area, internet, conference hall, travel desk, guides, and naturalists.

We take pride in being among the best resorts in Madhya Pradesh. Be one with nature, Visit Greetoe Celebration Van Vilas Bandhavgarh.