Panna Tiger Reserve Safari and Resort – Greetoe Resorts

Location: Panna Khajuraho Rd Near Panna Tiger, Reserve Khajuraho Basata, Panna, Madhya Pradesh, India.

You must have searched your symptoms online, and found out you just need to take a break from the monotone routines of the city. Here you are, halted at Greetoe Resort Panna, seeking a way forward. Let us make it simple for you, Greetoe Camp, Panna is a luxury resort nestled on the banks of Ken River. The resort location is a combination of enticing farms, warm hills, and above all top hospitality that makes your stays with us stand out. We are among the best resorts in Madhya Pradesh.

Positioned near Ken River, Greetoe Camp Panna—so you do not have to go afar to spot tigers, as the river is a famous place where tiger gathers in the Panna tiger reserve resorts.

Greetoe Camp, Panna is a perfect forest refuge. Fragile in nature, Panna Forest reserve is a deciduous forest and a home for many species; ranging from crocodiles or Ghariyal, deer, and tigers to hundreds of birds. The definition of this land is sublime; it comprises extensive plateaus and gorges, the spellbound waterfalls, archaeological elegance, naturals, legends, and cultural richness, come explore this paradise with Greetoe. Distinct from the hotel in Panna our accommodation is a relaxing combination of raw nature and luxurious living.

At Greetoe Camp, Panna Safari we make sure your experience transit to your lifelong memories. For bird lovers, the ideal spot for bird-watching is the bank of Ken River in Panna National Park. It offers more to the desires of animals and reptiles sighting on the banks of it. You can tug along the river in the embrace of the forest and enjoy the wildlife holiday. Or, if you wish; take a boat safari in Ken River and observe beautiful migratory birds for a wholesome experience.

A visit to Greetoe Camp Panna is incomplete without experiencing the Pandav Falls. The burble of the Pandav Falls tells the intimate forest tale. It mesmerizes the tourists like the sunflower charm the bees. The pure atmosphere is interlaced with serenity and mysticism. It is said that the Pandavas have stayed a portion of their exile here.

Resorts in Madhya pradesh
Resorts in Madhya pradesh
Resorts in Madhya pradesh

It is no hidden secret that photography is among the top activities you can enjoy on Panna Safari. Akin to Jungle Safari in Kahna and other Wildlife resort in Bandhavgarh, Panna biosphere reserve has exotic animals and a host of birds. Topping this is the park; a place where the gorgeous landscape resides—a perfect enticement for beginner and advanced photography enthusiasts.

We stitch local staff experience and their precious knowledge about the region, their indigenous detailing to track the tigers in the jungle is unparallel to making your Panna Safari a delight. We take pride in our managing staff. They guide you through every moment of your stay.

While we vow an ambiance in a lap of nature, we also make possible the use of locally grown food to add more authenticity to your experience.

Get disconnected from the daily hustle-bustle and dive into the surrounding wildlife at our tents full of deluxe amenities, yet deeply immersed in nature, at Greetoe Camp Panna. Come, find your freedom!