Leaving the tarmac to stroll on trails in the wilderness is a cherished passion that naturally grows in us. Simply, we are of a kind who wants to be close to nature but our life grind keeps us iglooed into concrete jungles.  Discover wilderness, and explore nature with us at Greetoes wildlife resorts in Madhya Pradesh.  Standing out among the nature resorts in Madhya Pradesh; our experienced Naturalist brings deep insight to guests about the local atmosphere and local species’ behavior. We arrange many different activities, making sure the adventure indulgers explore their surroundings to the max. Take a non-motor vehicle route. You can start with walking trails, or take a cycle ride and get one with the wilderness. To travel around interiors to explore the forest skin take our Jeep and Motorboat into the wild. We can assure you our courteous guides will give you rare knowledge and a pleasant experience during the complete journey.

What makes enjoying nature in Jungle safari in Kanha, wildlife resorts in Bandhavgarh, and jungle resorts in Madhya Pradesh so unique? Well, it is a wildlife sanctuary with an exhilarating Panna tiger reserve—a pristine tiger land, and home to leopards, giant squirrels, wild dogs, sloth bears, and various species of many Central India Birds and animals. A serene refuge for nature lovers this destination is far from the general tourist hotspot and misery explored. Complementing this, Greetoes resort is positioned in a key spot where you can enjoy the field, and spot tigers wandering in their natural space.

Take adventure to next level with our eco-tourism activities at our wildlife resorts in Madhya Pradesh. Our champion guides will enhance the quality of time you spend and open the gems of the forest when on safari. Here you can dive into the contentment of village tours, discover the local way of living and interact with them. You can go on anthropological excursions at River Ken. Here, capture the movements of birds in your lens, or listen to them sign a chirp in the morning, or at farm fields immerse into crimson sunsets, or take a boat safari spot crocodiles, or you can even set on an excursion to explore the beauty of Padav Falls or put your probing hat on for some history expedition to the Rajgarh fort and weave memories for life with Greetoes safari resorts in Madhya Pradesh.

It is impossible for one to completely freshen yourself without the intimate touch of nature. What’s better than to rejuvenate your body and soul like morning by visiting Greetoes. Located in untouched lands, lands of the tiger reserve, lands where hills and terrains are sheltering under the canopy of green forest, the land of rich culture and legends, the land of magical waterfalls, land with extensive plateaus, the lands surrounded by fields and agricultural patches is Greetoes – one of the most sought after resorts in Madhya Pradesh.  Greetoes blend inconspicuous luxury with rustic elegance to make sure every moment of your stay with us is like an intense touch of nature at home.

For a heavenly stay at Greetoes Jungle resorts in Madhya Pradesh, we have designed the cottages for the utmost cozy experience. This is not it; we have built them in such a way that you are always under the shadows of nature. The location of cottages is woven with forest locations to observe wildlife inside from the comforts of your home.  We curate them to maintain a distinctive character and style and provide top-class facilities for your exclusive and relaxing vacation unparalleled to any hotel in Panna.  

Wildlife hospitality drives our passion and has been a core of our workings since our inception. Serving an array of nature enthusiasts and wildlife explorers comes naturally to us. For ingenious nature trips, we have a wide-ranging hospitality team, including trackers, boatmen, naturalists, nature guides, and dedicated attendance at your service through your complete stay with us.

At Greetoes, humility and respect are the values that our team swears by!

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