Why Wildlife Resort in Madhya Pradesh are a Perfect Getaway

Ever wondered what adds to your wildlife safari experience? We know, it’s a good place to stay when you’re on a journey of weaving the fondest memories for life. The idea is simple behind this logic; exploring the forest and knowing animals in their natural habitat calls for a few days’ stay. You can get the best mix of this in jungle resorts in Madhya Pradesh. Here, you can see a variety of wildlife and if you want to go about exploring in depth you must choose hospitable safari resorts in Madhya Pradesh. And, this stay will be a complementing partner to your wildlife safari excursions. So you can win both: the intimate jungle experience with animals and once done you can crash in the cozy settings of the place you’re staying.

There must be a number of resorts in Madhya Pradesh. But, you should know that if a resort is not providing a safari experience during with stay is not worth investing effort and time. For wildlife safari resorts are responsible for taking care of your tour and wrapping memorable moments, they do it with local contacts and a team of experts. These resorts organize your jungle safari tour with experienced drivers who hold a strong knowledge of touring places. The best wildlife trip experience comes when you choose the right safari resorts in Madhya Pradesh for yourself. Further, to make safari things more satisfying you can rope up with rangers or guides for pristine details of places you visit on tour. We can assure you that a reliable operator will ensure a good jungle safari experience.

Good Reasons to Explore the Wild in Madhya Pradesh

Thoughts of Madhya Pradesh as an escape from the routine mundane life schedule may not come to the minds of many; simply because of a lack of information about the region. On the contrary, this place is a wonder where nature blooms. Madhya Pradesh is a land of a lot of sanctuaries where it shelters many species of birds, reptiles (popularly for Ghadials), mammals, and insects. You can also explore the immersive and diverse flora of the region. This charismatic characteristic makes the state a perfect land that appeals to explorers, adventurers, and tourists alike. Wildlife enthusiasts know the beauty and serenity the region offers, and they are well informed about the ecotourism spots in the state. Madhya Pradesh has come a long way in the eco-tourism sector with many attractive jungle lodges across its reserves like Kanha, and Bandhavgarh, and less visited gems like Satpura National Park and Bori Wildlife Sanctuary.

Let us briefly explore Satpura National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park, and Bori Wildlife Sanctuary.

Satpura Tiger Reserve

Satpura Tiger Reserve—homes the maximum number of tigers in Madhya Pradesh. The region includes Satpura National Park, Pachmarhi Sanctuary, and Bori Wildlife Sanctuary. This land is a treat for nature lovers and animal watchers; they gaze at and capture the Royal Bengal Tigers, sloth bears, leopards, beautiful sambhar, and an array of wild animals in their cameras.

The region is a biodiversity hub and homes a diverse species of birds and a host of flora. Explorers making plans for an exciting break in the lap of nature must definitely explore this less-known landscape in their journey to wildlife resorts in Madhya Pradesh. You can discover the place in a thrilling jeep safari or reduce your carbon footprint if you opt for canoeing, cycling, walking, and camping.

Bori Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in Satpura Tiger Reserve, Bori Wildlife Sanctuary is a celebrated treasure and gives a run for their money to its contemporary. Embark on a journey in Madhya Pradesh and start with a jungle safari at Bori, drive across the thick forest to see wild tigers, sloth bears, leopards, and wild dogs covered in the translucent high tall grasslands. You can elaborate your experience of your nights at this place—Bori Wildlife Sanctuary lets you explore the dense forests during the night, and get yourself exploring nature under the umbrella of a sky full of stars. The night safaris will provide a chance to watch nocturnal species such as Indian Palm Civets, Indian Civets, Indian Crested Porcupines, and jungle cats.

Bandhavgarh National Park

If wildlife safari in Madhya Pradesh is on your bucket list, then check the box to visit Bandhavgarh National Park. The national park is packed with Royal Bengal Tiger, thus there is a higher chance of spotting tigers here. Recently, sightings of wild elephants have made a buzz across the state, these mammals are said to be migrated from bordering states—which share forest boundaries with Bandhavgarh. This is the first recorded presence of elephants in Madhya Pradesh.

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